Thursday, January 7, 2016

Everest Corinthian college lawsuit

I enrolled in Everest University online classes in 2010 Legal Studies. The classes were run by many untrained and often absent 'professors'.They were NOT qualified to teach when I DID complain about the quality of the education I was getting I was often times disconnected. The instructors were rude and the surveys you had to take at the end of the course were o.k. but if you wanted to pass the class you best give a good response.Te survey was right before the grades were posted--it was unfair for if we had a serious problem it was dismissed. I was constantly attacked in the discussion board by Hya Gill the 'professor' for legal studies when I went to he in a private email and told her if she had something to say to or about me please say it in a private email not in the discussion board before my peers---that was a joke after I complained to her she intensified her attacks--I DID complain to my 'student adviser' but was told to suck it up--this place is a joke. When my financial aid came in it was held for almost 3 weeks before being released to me--I also questioned this matter as well and told 'You don't understand' it takes time we have thousands of checks to disburse. Withholding monies due any student is not a legal move. She did this to me and several of my class mates on a regular basis. I asked where the corporate offices were and NEVER got an address or phone number. Fraudulent practices abound deception and there is excessive pressure and repeated calls from admissions to enroll. I did NOT get the quality education I paid for at any level.I maintained a B average the 18 months I was there but the disrespect,withholding of my refunds and lack of concern for the students was to much to ask of any student. After 18 months I transferred in good standing to Kaplan University online --the ONLY UNIVERSITY which accepted the credits from Everest (Kaplan is also under investigation for very similar charges). I received my Bachelor of Legal Studies with a 3.68 gpa in May of 2012.I went on to get my Masters in Business Administration with a 3.78 gpa May 2015.Even these credits aren't recognized at other online universities calling both Everest and Kaplan diploma mills.In both cases the students taught each other .

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