Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ANGEL UNAWARE copyright (c) 2011 shared with face book prayer partners

Angel Unaware
©Copyright 2011
DonnaSchmier /a/k/a/ Ashey Brook

Angel Unaware
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers;
for thereby some have entertained angles unawares."
Hebrews 13:2

Watching the gathering clouds with great optimism, I began to set up my yard sale -- during the middle of the week, on an isolated stretch of road in South Carolina. ' Hugo' had recently wreaked havoc over the area, we were blessed to have been spared any significant loss.
Placing my wares on tables and in the garage, I felt the winds tugging at my skirt. No rain please Lord, may my efforts be rewarded with many sales.
Settling in the oversized porch rocker, I read my Bible as I waited for customers. One hour, two, no success. Determined to go forth, I placed the sale in the hands of the Lord.
Charles watched me as I made coffee "You know this is a bad time to 'set up' no one has any money this time of the week. Have you made any sales?" He seemed to mock my efforts and me yet I was not about to 'pack it in'.
Opening the creaky screen door, I was startled by a voice.
"Mama, do you have any boots?" a man called to me from the garage.
(There was NO car to be seen, no bike, NOTHING)
Approaching the garage rather cautiously, I was greeted by a VERY TALL thin man, very disheveled and his companion a small lady about 35, dark hair, dark eyes. We were dwarfed beside this man. His eyes, sky blue, seemed to penetrate my very soul. As we rummaged through the items, I asked their mode of travel.
They were walking to Charleston to help with the construction after Hugo. What an unusual pair I mused as I handed the lady a sweater. " I don't have any money for that ----"
"You don’t? Well my Father has the cattle on a thousand hills, and He wants you to have this, besides you have such a long way to walk and it will get cold."
Slipping her arms in the sweater, she smiled shyly.
Unable to find boots, they walked me to the porch.
"Mama, do you have any milk? I'm awful thirsty and I have an ulcer. " He continued as he shuffled his feet.
" I haven't been to the store today and I'm out of milk, will water do?"
" Fine."
Turning on the faucet full blast Charles asked whom I was talking to. "The man and lady on the porch, come meet them, they're walking to Charleston."
Handing the man his water the scripture came to me ' When you give a cup of cold water in MY name you shall in no way lose your reward '. His sky blue eyes pierced mine as he handed the empty glass back to me.
Biding them goodbye, I went into the house. Before I could get to the kitchen to put the glass in the sink, they were BOTH gone. The stretch of road was totally silent --- not one car or truck had passed --- nothing. (I called the next door neighbor to ask if they had seen this couple, they had seen no one!)
Coincidence? I think not. I KNOW within my heart I was honored to entertain angles unawares.
Father, may we extend the hand of friendship and hospitality to all those we meet for indeed we may be entertaining angles unaware!

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