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va post 2/21/2016

My fellow veterans and widows---both men and women have been constantly denied their rights and benefits they fought for and many have died as a results of the injuries and delays getting treatment--the horror stories I have read on the Veterans Administration site here is appalling. There is a widely known statement when one enlists (excuse the words) once you sign on the dotted line 'give your heart to God cause your a-- belongs to the military--(the recruiter will never tell you just how much they get paid to 'recruit' new members lie and do all you have to to get them trapped in a contract) The delay for awards to the SERVICE CONNECTED and deceased veterans widows--you name it it has been defrauded and exploited--. PLEASE check this out for yourself (I have NO REASON to lie to you guys and gals) So you are denied--o.k. appeal--really?were you EVER given the board meeting where you went before the board and stated your case?? O.k. maybe you did and STILL DENIED--now let's do a review --HOW MANY SECRETARIES of VETERANS AFFAIRS has you case been denied by?????? Kinda of strange no one wants to grant to the men women and surviving widows what is due them- - Here is a list and the webby where you can search for yourself (Also examine under whose presidential appointment were you denied) YOU were the one on the battlefield and YOU were the one who took the bullets/ied's lost limbs and in many cases lives while the upper echelons YOU men and WOMEN were protecting were not aware of the extreme danger you were in ,as a result you were 'forgotten' after all 'war is hell' yep and the survivors who have not gotten their awards and monthly compensation is hell on the widows children and more. Ed Derwinski Illinois March 15, 1989 September 26, 1992 George H. W. Bush – Anthony Principi.jpg Anthony Principi[1] (acting) California September 26, 1992 January 20, 1993 2 Jesse brown va.jpg Jesse Brown Illinois January 22, 1993 July 1, 1997 Bill Clinton – Gober sm.jpg Hershel W. Gober[2] (acting) Arkansas July 1, 1997 January 2, 1998 3 TogoDWest.jpg Togo D. West, Jr. District of Columbia January 2, 1998[3] May 5, 1998 May 5, 1998 July 25, 2000 – Gober sm.jpg Hershel W. Gober[2] (acting) Arkansas July 25, 2000 January 20, 2001 4 Anthony Principi.jpg Anthony Principi California January 23, 2001 January 26, 2005 George W. Bush 5 JimNicholson.jpg Jim Nicholson, Colonel, USA (Ret.) Colorado January 26, 2005 October 1, 2007 – Gordon H. Mansfield.jpg Gordon H. Mansfield[4] (acting) Florida October 1, 2007 December 20, 2007 6 PeakeJames.jpg James B. Peake, Lt.Gen., USA (Ret.) District of Columbia December 20, 2007 January 20, 2009 7 Eric Shinseki official Veterans Affairs portrait.jpg Eric Shinseki, General, USA (Ret.) Hawaii January 20, 2009 May 30, 2014 Barack Obama – Sloan Gibson.jpg Sloan D. Gibson (acting) Alabama May 30, 2014 July 30, 2014 8 Robert A. McDonald Official Portrait.jpg Robert McDonald, Captain, USA Ohio July 30, 2014 present 1 Anthony Principi served as acting secretary in his capacity as Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs September 26, 1992—January 20, 1993. 2 Hershel W. Gober served as acting secretary in his capacity as Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs July 1, 1997—January 2, 1998 and July 25, 2000—January 20, 2001.[5] 3 West served as acting Secretary from January 2, 1998[6] to May 5, 1998.[7] 4 Gordon H. Mansfield served as acting secretary in his capacity as Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs October 1—December 20, 2007.[8] Living former Secretaries of Veterans Affairs[edit] As of February 2016, there are five living former Secretaries of Veterans Affairs, the oldest being Jim Nicholson (2005-2007, born 1938). The most recent Secretary of Veterans Affairs to pass away was Ed Derwinski (1989-1992), on January 15, 2012. Name Term of office Date of birth (and age) Togo D. West, Jr. 1998-2000 June 21, 1942 (age 73) Anthony Principi 2001–2005 April 16, 1944 (age 71) Jim Nicholson 2005-2007 February 4, 1938 (age 78) James Peake 2007–2009 June 18, 1944 (age 71) Eric Shinseki 2009–2014 November 28, 1942 (age 73) United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs is the head of… EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG LikeCommentShare Comments Donna Schmier Write a comment...

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